Repeated Actions

Untitled, 2009, © Rachael Polson.  String and toothpicks.

This work is primarily formally based.  Emphasis is on tonal variation, line and repetition.  But we can also ‘read’ the repeated action of unravelling the string and hanging it up.  Again those actions and moments are ‘trapped’ and held within the work.

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“Move”, 2008, © Rachael Polson, Acrylic and gesso on paper

This is from my 3rd year studio work at Art School. I was experimenting with abstracting the human form in relation to movement and mark making as a way of trapping a gesture.

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Interaction between 2 dimensions and 3

Untitled, 2009, © Rachael Polson, Oil on canvas, rope and thread

This painting/sculpture explores the interaction between 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions.  Coloured wrappings on the sculpture cause the viewers eye to move back and forward across both dimensions.  The aim is to interfere with the way the viewer regards the work resulting in an alternating sense of movement and stillness.

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