Rachael Polson

Rachael Polson is a Visual Artist living in Maungati, near Timaru,  New Zealand.  She completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours (High Distinction) from Adelaide Central School of Art, Adelaide, South Australia in 2009.   Rachael’s works are formally based sculptures and paintings with photography used as a tool for close observation. Particularly they explore colour, line and time. Subsequent works are developed though a process of ‘cross pollination’ between media. She is also interested in trapping time in a material. This can be seen, for example, through repeatedly wrapping thread or a gesture evident in paint. Materials include  rope, thread, paint, string, perspex, play-doh, nylon thread, balsa, and lighting. Her most recent exhibitions have been at Seedling Artspace, South Australia,  Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru, New Zealand and Adelaide Central Gallery, South Australia.

Rachael is also a Kindergarten Teacher with a degree in Education and Psychology. She currently tutors Early Childhood Education at Ara Institute of Canterbury in Timaru. She is mother of Seamus and Amy.  In her previous life she has worked as a Consultant Researcher for the Commonwealth Secretariat in London, as well as a Policy Analyst for the Ministry of Youth Affairs, and Ministry of Health in Wellington, New Zealand.  Rachael has been married to the very wonderful Peter D for 25 years and together they live in two converted c.1895 churches in South Canterbury.  She rides a very large Clydesdale/Thoroughbred horse named Jono and gets away in her a 10ft 1967 caravan more often.

“Amongst all the chaos that surrounds us, there are small fleeting moments worth noticing. A fleeting moment, although ephemeral can be profound and precious.”  This is the motivation behind her work.

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