Child’s play

Here a couple of photos I am working from for a new exhibition.  There are lots of wonderful moments at kindergarten. Here are a few that I have plans for.



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Suspended practice

New entries are on their way shortly…

In the meantime please scroll down for previous work as well as clicking on tabs above to see more.

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Wish you were here…

Currently in group exhibition “Wish You Were Here” at Adelaide Central School of Art, 45 Osmond Terrace, Norwood, Adelaide. On until 3 November 2012.



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Recent News: Recipient of Helpmann Ashington Mentorship with NZ artist Judy Millar

In mid 2011 Rachael Polson was awarded an Ashington Mentorship by the Helpmann Academy of South Australia. The mentorship aims to link emerging artists with leading practitioners in their fields in a one-on-one mentoring relationship.  The mentorship is with New Zealand artist Judy Millar – one of New Zealand’s most internationally recognised artists.

Judy Millar and Rachael Polson, Auckland Art Gallery, Feb 2012

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To read more about recent work by Rachael Polson please explore the tabs at the top of this page especially the “Seedling Exhibition”, “Gallery of Images”  and “Work in Progress” tabs.  Previous posts can be viewed by scrolling down the “Home” page.  These contain information about the background to recent exhibitions and the ideas behind Rachael’s work.

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“Translated Fields”, Rachael Polson

Exhibition: Pump Shed, Seedling Art Space, Blackwood Forest Recreation Park, Adelaide.  September 3-11 2011.

From Seedling Art Space:

“Translated Fields is presented in the Seedling Pump Shed space and is an exploration of the physical and formal elements of the Seedling Pump Shed and its surroundings; the corrugated iron of the shed, coloured graffiti marks found around and the sapling trees whispering in the surrounds. Polson ‘paints’ in 3 dimensional space further exploring gesture and repeated action using thread rather than painted brush marks for an elaborate site-specific installation.

Rachael Polson, from New Zealand, achieved a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) from Adelaide Central School of Art in 2009. Polson’s practice explores painting in the expanded field, sculpture and photography.”

The following was part of  Translated Fields.   For full slideshow of exhibition and catalogue essay click on “Seedling Exhibition 2011” tab above at right.


"Red Wrapped Rope; 100 metres last count"

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Now & Always, Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru 4 March – 10 April 2011

Rachael Polson, "Now & Always", Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru 2011

The works exhibited are a combination of the work I exhibited last year in Adelaide as well as some new works especially for this exhibition.

Each work influences the next. I am particularly interested in the process of making art. For me this is like artistic cross-pollination. That is, the sculptures inform the photographs, the paintings are then translated into digital image and so on. They interact and influence each other.  For example the line of photos here, are from the tiny paintings around the corner  The photos in the black frames are of the wrapped sculptures in the cabinet.

I am also interested in a broader definition of what is a painting; that a painting does not hace to be made of paint or to occur on a canvas.  Rather formal qualities such as line, colour, light, composition and repetition can be applied to other media. For example the tiny boxes in the cabinet use thread for colour mixing instead of paint.

Equally much of my work explores the notion of a trapped moment in time. Time is precious, delicate and moving fast and I want to find a way to trap it in the materials I use.  You can see this in the wrapped threads: each wrapping-action holds that moment in it; the trace of a movement is left in paint or captured through the camera lens.

14 Camera Paintings, Rachael Polson 2011

Cabinet of thread sculptures

Camera Painting: Now & Always 1, Rachael Polson, 2011

Camera Painting: Now & Always 2, Rachael Polson, 2011












Left hand side of gallery

Right hand side of gallery

Detail : 3 of 12 tiny paintings. Camera paintings taken from these.

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Exhibiton at Aigantighe Gallery, Timaru. “Now & Always” opening 4 March until 10 April 2011

My current exhibition is at the Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru.  “Now & Always ”  opens on the 4th of March 2011.

The exhibition will be a combination of most of my exhibition from Adelaide last year and some of my graduate exhibition works as well as new work.

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