Now & Always, Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru 4 March – 10 April 2011

Rachael Polson, "Now & Always", Aigantighe Art Gallery, Timaru 2011

The works exhibited are a combination of the work I exhibited last year in Adelaide as well as some new works especially for this exhibition.

Each work influences the next. I am particularly interested in the process of making art. For me this is like artistic cross-pollination. That is, the sculptures inform the photographs, the paintings are then translated into digital image and so on. They interact and influence each other.  For example the line of photos here, are from the tiny paintings around the corner  The photos in the black frames are of the wrapped sculptures in the cabinet.

I am also interested in a broader definition of what is a painting; that a painting does not hace to be made of paint or to occur on a canvas.  Rather formal qualities such as line, colour, light, composition and repetition can be applied to other media. For example the tiny boxes in the cabinet use thread for colour mixing instead of paint.

Equally much of my work explores the notion of a trapped moment in time. Time is precious, delicate and moving fast and I want to find a way to trap it in the materials I use.  You can see this in the wrapped threads: each wrapping-action holds that moment in it; the trace of a movement is left in paint or captured through the camera lens.

14 Camera Paintings, Rachael Polson 2011

Cabinet of thread sculptures

Camera Painting: Now & Always 1, Rachael Polson, 2011

Camera Painting: Now & Always 2, Rachael Polson, 2011












Left hand side of gallery

Right hand side of gallery

Detail : 3 of 12 tiny paintings. Camera paintings taken from these.

About Rachael Polson

Rachael is a visual artist living in New Zealand. She works with oil painting, drawing, photography and sculpture. She is also a wife and a mother of two grown up young people. She is currently studying a Masters of Educational and Developmental Psychology.
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