Wish you were here…

Currently in group exhibition “Wish You Were Here” at Adelaide Central School of Art, 45 Osmond Terrace, Norwood, Adelaide. On until 3 November 2012.



About Rachael Polson

Rachael is a visual artist living in New Zealand. She works with oil painting, drawing, photography and sculpture. She is also a wife and a mother of two grown up young people. She is currently studying a Masters of Educational and Developmental Psychology.
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4 Responses to Wish you were here…

  1. Spotted yours – excellent. x

  2. Rachael says:

    Nice. you must be there at the moment – that came through very quickly. We are packing so we can go skiing in the morning. Must dash. looking forward to 1 October too. Will check emails for sure. My studio is all tidy and ready waiting for me to return.

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