Play! New Works: Exhibition opening 15 January, 2021

Meet the artist for drinks and nibbles

6pm Friday 15 January 2021

77 Art+Living, 77 Main Street, Fairlie, NZ.

Pre-sales available via website from 14/01/21


This exhibition celebrates the joy of play and the moments that occur each day in childhood. Historically children have often been portrayed as little adults, as symbols of innocence or have been missing from art altogether. Here, we see children intent in their moments of play; their development of friendships; their mastery of skills. They are capable, focused and purposeful. These are not portraits of individual children but rather seek to draw our attention to the precious and fleeting moments that occur in the time that is childhood.

These paintings and prints were developed from a series of photos taken by the artist, of young children at kindergarten* as well as close family members*. Digital drawings were completed during our recent Covid-19 lockdown. Some were printed and others served as studies for the oil paintings.

*with permission from their parents.

About Rachael Polson

Rachael is a visual artist living in New Zealand. She works with oil painting, drawing, photography and sculpture. She is also a wife and a mother of two grown up young people. She is currently studying a Masters of Educational and Developmental Psychology.
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