Drawing or Painting with the camera and “cross pollination”

Here are some of my latest photos.  These are photos of my paintings.  I am “cross pollinating” between media. My work extends this idea of cross pollination to include interaction between of works 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions. In this case I am taking another step in the interaction between materials by using the camera as a drawing tool.  It is a tool for the capture of something fleeting, something which I have noticed and feel is deserving of longer contemplation.

Anne Ellegood uses the term ‘cross pollination’ in reference to Rosalind Krauss’ observation of wide ranging use of media and experimentation within and around the traditional definition of sculpture. Rather than artistic works being limited to one material, the definition of sculpture has expanded to include a wide variety of works. (P. 8 Introduction Motley Efforts: Sculpture’s Ever-Expanding Field, Vitamin 3-d: New Perspectives in Sculpture and Installation, Phaidon Press, 2009)

Camera Painting # 1 , 2010, © Rachael Polson,  Digital Photo

Camera Painting # 8, 2010, © Rachael Polson, Digital Photo

Camera Paintings #1-14 are editions of 15 please contact

Adelaide Central Gallery, 45 Osmond Terrace
Norwood South Australia 5067, Australia
(08) 8364 2809 for details and prices

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About Rachael Polson

Rachael is a visual artist living in New Zealand. She works with oil painting, drawing, photography and sculpture. She is also a wife and a mother of two grown up young people. She is currently studying a Masters of Educational and Developmental Psychology.
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  1. Incredible! I’m really enjoying the design and style of your blog. Are you using a custom template or is this freely available to all users? If you really don’t want to say the name of it out in the general public, please make sure to email me.
    I’d really enjoy to get my hands on this theme! Many thanks.

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